Strategy and Goals

Our primary business objectives are to maintain and grow stable cash flows and to increase our quarterly cash distribution per unit over time. We intend to accomplish these objectives by executing the following strategies:
Growing a stable, fee-based business that provides a competitive, full-service logistics offering to customers

Optimizing Existing Asset Base

Operating assets that are the safest, always compliant, highly reliable.
Improving operational efficiency and maximizing asset utilization.

Expanding third-party business; delivering extraordinary customer service. 

Pursuing Organic Expansion Opportunities

Identifying and executing low-risk, high-return growth projects.

Investing to capture the full commercial value of logistics assets.

Growing asset capability to support Northwind Transenergy AS, value chain optimization. 

Growing through Third Party Acquisitions

Pursuing assets and businesses in strategic western Norway geography that fit integrated business model, delivering synergies and growth.

Focusing on high quality assets that provide stable, fee-based income and enhancing organizational capacity. 

Growing through Northwind Transenergy, Strategic Expansion

Strategically partnering with Northwind Transenergy AS, on acquisitions in refining and marketing value chains.

Capturing full value of Northwind Transenergy’s embedded logistics assets.