Northwind Transenergy AS

Reliable, independent tanker shipping and tank storage company with a global presence

Through innovative and reliable services, Northwind Transenergy AS offers optimal support for storage, transport and bunkering with highly trained personnel and impeccable equipment.

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The company’s fleet consists of 11 modern vessels with total deadweight of more than 2.4 million tons. The plant has its own 7 and 4 chartered vessels – bunkers, which give us opportunity to be flexible and capable of coping with any demands of our clients, from small independent carriers to large shipping lines.


Northwind Transenergy AS is recognized throughout Europe and is registered in Norway. It is primarily used for the transportation, storage, and other petrochemical services as well as tanker shipping throughout the interior rivers and coastal waters of Europe. Our company is one of the largest transport union members in Europe when it comes to the storage and transportation of liquid goods.

Northwind Transenergy AS’s service offerings are swiftly growing to meet the high standards demanded by the industry.

Oil direct from some of the largest refineries on earth is one of our specialties. We offer Individual Corporations and Governments Worldwide Bulk Commodities Direct, No Broker Chains.

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Northwind Transenergy AS

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Exceptional customer service, operational flexibility, and co-creation

Across the whole oil and gas value chain, instrumentation and measurement solutions. Solutions for measuring custody transfers for ship, truck, and rail loading.

Technologies for fully automated pipeline leak detection with no false alarms.

We possess the essential legal and environmental authorizations needed to run a terminal of this kind.

These are crucial for both our long-term business success and environmental sustainability.

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The fundamental principles of Northwind Transenergy AS operations are respect, honesty, and accountability. We act responsibly toward our coworkers, partners, and counterparts as well as toward the enhancement of the community and the protection of the environment while upholding these values in every facet of our work.

Infrastructure & Safety

Northwind Transenergy AS Safety is an essential component of a man's life. Only when people feel safe can they be free to think, work, learn, and live. This is why Northwind Transenergy AS believes that one of its major priorities should be to give its consumers a safe and comfortable place to live.


In an effort to give its employees the most relaxing and safe working and resting conditions possible, Northwind Transenergy AS takes on additional duties that are not covered by the requirements of Norwegian human resource management legislation.



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Create e-markets that are scalable on a global scale and are centered on agents of change that adhere to standards. Effectively extend the use of highly effective products.

Northwind Transenergy AS dedicated to providing storage facilities, shippers, and cargo agents with the best-in-class transportation solution, pricing, timing, agent resources, and service from an exclusive network of highly experienced agents.We develop a transport solution that offers flexible coverage options and rates that are more competitive than ever. The result is a growing portfolio of carrier services that meet the needs of buyers and shippers

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